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fitness coaching

Improve your strength, increase your stamina, lose weight, feel and look better through training sessions tailored specifically for your fitness profile with an aim to reach your true potential.

training towards boxing

explosiveness and coordination

Official drills and training techniques used in boxing and NFL designed in to improve explosiveness, coordination and reaction time.

physical management for neurological conditions

Carefully developed training program for clients suffering from neurodegenerative conditions such as Parkinson disease to improve both cognitive and physical functions such as memory, decision making, coordination, speed etc.

tactical mindset coaching

Military based techniques developing extreme focus, awareness of the surroundings, preparedness and critical situation assessment. These sessions are aimed only for the most disciplined clients.

corporate bootcamp

Whether it's a one off training session, a team-building company event or regular group training for the employees, we have got you covered.
The event(s) can take place at your place or ours.

made-to-measure nutrition & fitness regime

Personal and to the point. Nutrition and/ or fitness regime adjusted to clients individual circumstances. All plans are strictly made-to-measure to fit client's profile based on lifestyle, profession, likes & dislikes, personal traits, health history etc..

outdoor training

For those clients who don't fancy gym environments, there is plenty of ways to get fit. Training outside on the tracks, football field, hill workouts, speed training, training with outdoor resistance equipment or without (calisthenics).

lifestyle adaptation

This type of guidance goes beyond ordinary training/ nutrition advice and it's designed for the clients who need clear direction towards achieving their goals.