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Established and run by former military and USAF tactical forces, Powerful & Determined believes in strength shaped upon individual features and drive towards its mastery.

We don’t just train, we transform. Aside from physical adeptness we set out for knowledge, mind resilience, focus and discipline. We live what we teach, we teach what we live.

We have been coached and mentored by the pioneers in fitness and self-development industry and what we bring to the table doesn’t measure up to any standard personal training. Throughout years of experience, working with world class athletes, military leaders and people of science we have gained wide array of expertise on the physical and psychological arena that we now put into helping our clients becoming their strongest version.

Our clients are our priority, when we take you under our wing, the whole 100% of our focus and dedication is on you!

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our values


Observe, analyse and modify your strengths and weaknesses to create the best outcome for your goals in the given situation.


Work hard, stay resilient, keep your eyes on the prize.


Reach out for growth, overcome obstacles. Challenge your body and mind. Dare to win!



Absolutely the best PT I have ever had.
Bo Blank
Mycket nöjd med Anna som PT! Hon får mig att ta i mer och det ger resultat!
Henrik Swensson
Professor at Malmö University
The level of details on my plan customized for my own needs was beyond my expectations.
Vigan Vula
Software Development Engineer
An outstanding coach who possesses a unique blend of leadership, innovation, communication, adaptability and customer focus.
Alexander Agaba
Marketing startegist
She has taught me new effective ways of exercising, so I'm always learning, never bored while getting to see the results. A plus is that shes always with positive energy which makes working out actually fun!
Itzel Dimas
Global Business Expert
Her expertise in explosive training has been crucial in my own development. Recommended to any level sport practitioners and martial artists.
Jose Diaz
Scientist and Distinguished Software Engineer
Science-based PT with great attention to detail. Great asset in fitness industry
Ali Sultan
Software Developer
Anna är målinriktad. Hon ser till att man ger sitt yttersta.
Mikael Wahlström
Sales Manager